• Comprehensive
    Automated Customer
    Experience Testing and Monitoring

    for the Contact Center

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The Cyara Platform

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    • Functional/<br>Regression Test

      Regression Test

      Ensure your customer experience is exactly what you designed
    • Load Test

      Load Test

      Ensure your customer experience is consistent when you are at your busiest
    • Monitor


      Be the first to know if your customer experience is not what you designed
    • Inbound Voice

      Inbound Voice

      Ensure the caller experience is precisely what you want it to be
    • Outbound Voice

      Outbound Voice

      Remove the obstacles to delivering the ideal proactive customer experience
    • Web Interactions

      Web Interactions

      Ensure web visitors are seamlessly bridged to the contact center
    • L1 : Self-Service (IVR)

      L1 : Self-Service (IVR)

      Testing customers’ experiences with IVRs and virtual agents are flawless
    • L2: Agent Phone

      L2: Agent Phone

      Including the agent communications device in customer experience testing
    • L3 : Bridge to Agent

      L3 : Bridge to Agent

      Testing communications and data infrastructure are supporting flawless customer experiences
    • L4 : Agent Desktop

      L4 : Agent Desktop

      Ensuring agent desktop applications are supporting flawless customer experiences
Unified User Portal, Central Administration, Collaboration Across Testing Lifecycle, Unified Script and Campaign Management, Centralized Reporting
Options to Platform: Voice Quality Testing, Voice Biometric Testing, QA Adapters

We are a passionate team,
committed to our customers’ success

Cam Esposito

Cam Esposito

Proud of: I've completed 3 Ironman triathlons

Why Cyara?: I love working with a highly motivated team who are rapid innovators and deliver class-leading, customer experience solutions.

Favorite Charity: Boston High School, Matopeni, Nairobi, Kenya

Jason Sobell

Jason Sobell

Proud of: Lecturing at RMIT and University of Melbourne for six years - I'm proud to see so many of my ex-students going on to such successful careers.

Why Cyara?: Cyara helps organizations deliver the ideal experience to their customers, and I gain huge satisfaction from delivering an optimal solution in the shortest time.

Favorite Charity: Surf Life Saving Australia.

David Inglis

David Inglis

Proud of: Starting a charity to support a school in Kenya for children with HIV/AIDS

Why Cyara?: The collective passion for customer service excellence and our customers’ success.

Favorite Charity: 3rdworldperspective.com

Sunny Anand

Sunny Anand

Proud of: Teaching immigrants English to enable them to thrive in Australia.

Why Cyara?: It is a very cool place to work and Cyara is a very important partner to our customers - this inspires me.

Favorite Charity: World Vision

Daniel Hong

Daniel Hong

Proud of: I became a black belt in taekwondo at a very young age.

Why Cyara?: People in Cyara are great to work with. And we provide significant benefit to our customers as they strive to deliver a better experience.

Robert Nurse

Robert Nurse

Proud of: My family, including my dogs!

Why Cyara?: I love the work-hard, play-hard culture.

Favorite Charity: RSPCA

Bonny Malik

Bonny Malik

Proud of: Getting Rugby started in Delhi

Why Cyara?: Easy place to work and we make it easy for our customers, as well.

Favorite Charity: I'm not into charities, I prefer to do things for people myself

Ian Ng

Ian Ng

Proud of:  I try to take pride in everything I do - in work and in life, big or small.

Why Cyara?: At Cyara, we enjoy working with like-minded, results-driven people and impacting their customer experience.

Favorite Charity: The missions of my church: helping those in most need, both locally and abroad.

Laurence Webb

Laurence Webb

Proud of: I raised the money to build the first secondary school in the Nairobi slum of Matopeni, Kenya. Cyara, and our partner Genesys contributed toward the school uniforms. The children are getting straight A’s

Why Cyara?: We make life better for the millions of people who do business with our customers - we help them receive a better expereince.

Favorite Charity: I'm the Chairman of Kenyan Kinship.

Gauthier Delmee

Gauthier Delmee

Proud of: Learning to grow my own vines and making my own wine. Looking forward to enjoying a bottle of red I made myself in a year or so.

Why Cyara?: Cyara gives me the opportunity to help companies bring innovative solutions to their customers to differentiate themselves through the customer experience they provide.

Favorite Charity: Starlight Foundation

Christopher Logan

Christopher Logan

Proud of: Reaching the finish line of the Hawaii Ironman.

Why Cyara?: I love the can-do approach to making things happen.

Favorite Charity: I support important causes privately

Alok Kulkarni

Alok Kulkarni

Proud of: founding Cyara and building a company that is on a path to be the most significant innovator in the customer service industy

Why Cyara?: I founded Cyara to help companies improve the customers experience more rapidly and frequently.

Favorite Charity: I admire many charities that provide critical support to the unfortunate without predjudice

Vicenzo Bonsangue

Vicenzo Bonsangue

Proud of: I am resilient and I've always landing on my feet, regardless of what life has thrown me.

Why Cyara?: At Cyara I am constantly faced with interesting and exciting challenges to resolve.

Favorite Charity: Several Cerebral Palsy charities and World Vision

June Treweek

June Treweek

Proud of: I endeavour to take nothing for granted

Why Cyara?: The team pushes the boundaries in the pursuit of excellence and they have fun doing it.

Favorite Charity: Doctors Without Borders

Yogendra Segar

Yogendra Segar

Proud of: Completing a 7-day cycling tour of some of the toughest climbs in the Pyrenees. Training towards a tougher ride in the Alps in 2014!

Why Cyara?: I enjoy managing fast paced, exciting projects, delivering innovative, cutting edge products, which ensure millions of customers have a good experience, using a friendly and talented team.

Favorite Charity: GiveDirectly

Michael Hall

Michael Hall

Proud of: Making music and having people enjoy it

Why Cyara?: I'm naturally drawn to the innovative and 'cutting-edge' technology of Cyara.

Favorite Charity: I support systemic solutions over individual or corporate philanthropy


The Cyara team welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations committed to keep pace with their customers' expectations. We believe technology is an enabler to improved customer experience, and with Cyara on your team, you can innovate with confidence.

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What people are saying about us.

  • “We view Cyara as a key plank in our strategy around quality and efficiency and use Cyara for end-to-end regression, systems integration, functional, stress, performance and load testing and real-time monitoring of the customer experience in the production environment”

    Project Director, Contact Centre Transformation, Westpac Group

  • “Cyara’s ‘Cruncher’ product gave us the ability to easily test different call volume scenarios and the IVR Test team found the Web Interface relatively easy to use. Throughout the setup and the stress testing phrases we found Cyara’s support, willingness to work alongside us and general communication really excellent. I would not hesitate to engage them again.”

    Morag Colston, CC Programme Manager, ASB Bank

  • “… the solution is brilliant. Less than a day to set it up, and five minutes to beat a weeks worth of manual testing.”

    Luke Johnston, Department of Defence

  • “Cyara’s innovative technology enabled us to place hundreds of calls remotely into our multi-lingual IVR using the Cruncher solution. The testing highlighted a number of issues, which we were then able to raise and rectify with help from our vendors. 

    A key feature of the Cyara Platform is its ability to record all calls which allowed us to gain valuable insight into the customer experience. The Cyara team has been wonderful to work with and we look forward to partnering with them again.”

    Kerry Larmer, CTO Salesforce Salmat

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